Experience Cyprus College

Support from Cyprus College

Situated within the campus of European University Cyprus (EUC), Cyprus College students enjoy the use of EUC’s modern facilities and full range of student support services. Cyprus College students are a vital part of the vibrant student community which EUC is known for and take part fully in student clubs and associations, campus events and off-campus excursions and sports and fitness programs.

Immediate Employment

Cyprus College Diplomas and Bachelor Degrees focus on contemporary education methods, which integrate academic studies with professional skills to prepare students for the job market. Cyprus College’s sustained research and monitoring of the job market focuses on programs with increased demand and better career prospects.

Fast-Track Continuation to Undergraduate and Graduate Studies

Cyprus College graduates are able to continue their studies at European University Cyprus for undergraduate or graduate degrees. Due to the special relationship, advisors are able to assess quickly the large number of courses that can be transferred and counted towards undergraduate degree programs. Cyprus College undergraduate degree holders are also able to continue to EUC postgraduate degrees.

Career Center

Cyprus College, in cooperation with European University Cyprus, operate a very successful Career Center, which offers students a range of career preparation services aimed at facilitating the integration of students into the job market. Services include assistance in CV preparation, acquiring interview skills, practical training programs, the annual Career Exhibition and lectures by working professionals.

Personalized Advising

The College’s Student Advising Service, in collaboration with faculty, support and offer guidance to all students on a sustained basis in terms of their course selection, planning their future career goals and providing information on scholarships and financial aid.

Experienced Faculty

Cyprus College believes in the individual development of its students through the personal support and guidance of their teachers. At Cyprus College the small number of students in class together with teaching by experienced faculty and professionals in their field, offer the best possible learning environment. The educational model is considerably enriched as it is complemented with the technical expertise and work experience that teachers bring into the classroom.