Activities & Clubs

Student life is an important part of your college experience as it can offer a unique opportunity to develop your personality and communication skills and to make lifelong friends. Campus life at Cyprus College focuses on the intellectual, occupational, social and cultural growth of students. You are encouraged to become involved in student clubs and organizations to make the most of your student life.

Extra-curricular activities ranging from cultural nights, stress release yoga and meditation, barbeques, parties, excursions and festivals are just a few ways that you will have an active and fun campus life that will give you lasting memories of your time at Cyprus College.

Discover the many activities and services we offer to our students to make the most of their life at Cyprus College.

  • Orientation Program for new students
  • Welcome Back Party
  • Student Advisors for continued support
  • Continuous self-development programs
  • Student conferences and competitions
  • Student clubs and associations
  • Cultural activities, bazaars, exhibitions, excursions and festivals
  • Indoor Athletic Center (Nicosia Campus)
  • Fitness Center (Nicosia Campus)
  • Music band, music events and concerts

Activities and Clubs

› The Basketball Club
The Basketball Club is open to all those who are interested and love basketball and want to train with their classmates and take part in games between them.
› Bowling Club
The Bowling Club has been created to bring bowling fans together through tournaments and outings.
› Dance Club
The Dance Club is not only a group of dancers who share a passion for performing. It is also a group devoted to creativity, music and individual expression enriched by the multicultural identity and tradition of the club. The Dance Club performs at various events within and outside the college and is a key contributor to the Anti-Leukemia Association for which it has helped to raise over €56,000 through its Christmas performances.
› Hiking Club
The Hiking Club organizes trips to different locations and provides its members the opportunity to explore the trail paths of Cyprus. If you enjoy hiking, nature, and photography, join this active, multi-cultural, lively group.
› Music Club
The Music Club is one of the oldest and most active clubs organizing concerts, music performances participating in a range of social, cultural and philanthropic events on and off campus. The Club is a consistent contributor to the Anti-Leukemia Association for which it has helped raise over €56,000 in the last 12 years through its Christmas performances.
› Shooting Club
The shooting club invites all students who enjoy target practicing to join the Club. Being a member of this club will give you the opportunity to be trained on different types of shooting such as Skeet, Trap and Sporting and have Fun, Fun and more Fun!
› Yoga Club
The Yoga Club offers students and staff an oasis of relaxation from the busy college life. Yoga is a form of exercise that teaches awareness of relaxation and tension. By acquiring correct breathing techniques and concentration, one learns to reach deep relaxation. In addition, through a variety of postures, it generally strengthens and tones the body and increases flexibility. A qualified yoga instructor conducts all sessions. Participation is free of charge to all members and no previous experience is necessary.
› Business Society
The Business Society promotes greater understanding of the fast changing world of business through creative presentations and practical workshops on the latest developments. It also encourages students to take part in research, discuss current economic challenges, and invites key entrepreneurs to share their experiences with the Club.
› Beauticians’ Club

A club which offers beauty treatments from our very own trained students in the field in fully equipped salons that are available on campus. These treatments range from facials to make up, massage etc.There is a minimum charge to cover expenses of professional products used. All treatments are supervised, by the Instructors. Furthermore, the club offers treatments to aid members from other clubs such as: photography make-up, theatre make up etc. In essence, the club offers students the opportunity to receive beautician’s services at very low prices and provides to members the opportunity to gain professional experience before graduation.

› IEEE Club
The IEEE Student club is part of and promotes membership to the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers the biggest international academic and professional organization in the areas of Computer Science and Engineering. The club aims at introducing students to the latest in the forefront of technology and promoting their active involvement with the subject, by participation to student competitions, lectures, seminar and field trips.
› Office Administration Club
The purpose of this club is to help students majoring in the field to enhance their horizons by attending lectures and seminars, visiting various companies and encouraging future secretaries to develop their potential.
› Robotics’ Club
The Robotics Club helps members acquire the programming skills and knowledge of the hardware required to build and program robots capable of executing tasks autonomously. The Club also organizes on-campus competitions between members’ robot creations, as well as taking part in international contests.
› Sign Language Club
The Sign Language Club provides an opportunity for students to learn sign language and experience the rich and proud heritage of deaf culture. By helping to overcome the communication barrier between deaf and hearing people, the Club aims to build an understanding and respect that will bring the two closer together.
› Intercultural Communication Club
The goal of the Intercultural Communication Club is to attract international and Cypriot students who are devoted to promoting international friendships, learning about, improving intercultural relations and creating stronger bonds among different cultures.
› Volunteers’ Society
The EUC Volunteers society aims to help develop a volunteering spirit among students at this university. It offers support to students already involved in charity work and social activism, and co-ordinate with external groups to provide students with opportunities to volunteer, both with small-scale one-day events and with longer-term work. Members of this Club will also have the chance to attend Presentations with speakers from charities, NGOs and informal networks with a need for helpers, and be aware of national and international networks with which they can work.
› Psychology Club
The Psychology Club is dedicated to enhancing the appreciation of the field of psychology through a variety of social, educational and research activities.
› LGBTQ+ Society
The Club provides a safe space for LGBTQ+ students to express their sexual and gender identities freely. The club organizes social events, including an annual mixer, and hosts guest lectures on relevant themes, as well as increasing representation with political campaigning in society at large. Straight and cisgender allies who believe in a fairer society are also welcome to join these campaigns and the society. The club will also provide help for any student experiencing discrimination or needing help in accessing counselling services.
› Health Promotion Club

Health is defined as one achieving his or her potential to enjoy complete physical, mental and social wellbeing. For students, positive mental health is an important part of their overall health and is inextricably linked to their well-being.

The Health Promotion Club aims to provide a practical framework for supporting students and the community in this challenging area. Physical and mental l health promotion, and the provision of support for vulnerable people, depend on ongoing cooperation among universities and the range of available services and agencies from the education, health and community sectors.

One of the most important roles of the Health Promotion Club is to promote the moral, spiritual, social, somatic and personal development of students and provide health education for them.
The purpose of the club is to:

  • Promote health and mental health awareness through an integrated approach
  • Build on the existing good practices already in place at the college
  • Inform the community about the Club’s framework
  • Enhance a coherent, whole-college approach to health and mental health that focuses on students, parents, and the college personnel
  • Raise awareness of the College support systems and services available in relation to health and mental health promotion
  • Contribute to Community
  • Collaborate with Schools to promote substance prevention and campaigns
  • Provide education to students and raise awareness on health promotion and self-care issues