Scholarships & Financial Aid

At Cyprus College, we realize that for some students financial assistance can greatly affect their decision whether or not to attend college. For this reason, our advisors at the Student Advising Center provide all relevant information on scholarships and financial aid, benefits and respective processes and responsibilities.

Cyprus College recognizes that each student’s financial situation is unique and for this reason, we have developed policies and procedures to treat each student fairly and equally. Financial aid provides support based on students’ personal circumstances where as our scholarships are usually awarded on merit.

High School Scholarships

A limited number of scholarships are awarded to students graduating from Cypriot high schools and cover tuition for all the years of study. The 25% Scholarship is for all the years of study and is awarded to candidates with an average grade of 15 or above on their High School Leaving Certificate.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid up to 15% is awarded to students based mainly on financial criteria, regardless of academic performance, provided the annual family income is no more than €40.000. The amount of the grant provided depends upon the student’s personal circumstances. Students interested in this type of grant must complete the Financial Aid Application Form and submit it to the Financial Aid Office.

Family Grant Discount

A 10% Family Grant Discount is offered to each student for all years of study when two (2) or more family members are enrolled concurrently.

Alumni Scholarship

A 10% discount for all years for all students who completed any level of studies at Cyprus College (Nicosia & Limassol) and have registered in an upper or in the same level. In addition, the discount is offered to relatives [children, spouse, brother/s or sister/s of Cyprus College (Nicosia & Limassol) graduates].

Extraordinary Scholarships

As part of community outreach and inclusiveness, Cyprus College offers student financial support to embassies, universities, school associations, charities and disaster relief organizations in the form of scholarships, competition prizes and sponsorships.

Program Discount

Based on the discretion of management, program discounts are sometimes applied.

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