Housing FAQs

› When is the ideal period to start searching for an apartment?

For students entering Cyprus College in the Fall Semester, the ideal period to search for an apartment is from the end of May to early September and, for the Spring Semester, from December to January. Keep in mind that the earlier you start searching for an apartment the better.

› How can I book an apartment?
  • For Cyprialife Residence
    1. Complete the Online Housing Application
    1. Payment of the Housing and Key Deposit (€390) can be made to one of the bank accounts of the University or through JCC Smart. Please make sure that on the receipt you include your Reference Number and the name of the facility of your choice.
    2. Send a copy of the receipt by email to housing@euc.ac.cy or fax (00357 – 22713172).
  • For uniHalls Trinity
    1. Complete the Online Application at https://unihalls.eu/unihalls-trinity-rooms-booking or contact directly at 00357- 22050005
› Are there any requirements to be eligible to apply for accommodation at Cyprus College?

To be eligible to apply for accommodation at uniHalls Trinity or Cyprialife Residence, you need to be an enrolled student at Cyprus College.

› Can I apply for a short period of stay?

Priority is given to longer period contracts. However, depending on availability, the apartments at Cyprialife Residence can be leased for a period less than 12 month with an additional monthly charge of €30.

› Is the electricity and water connected upon my arrival to the facility?

The electricity and water must be connected on the name of the resident. It is the responsibility of the resident to proceed with the necessary procedure in order to connect the electricity and water. However, a Connectivity Service is provided by the Housing Office and the resident can choose to connect the utilities prior to his/her arrival to the College. To do so, a resident must provide a power of attorney and pay the Connectivity Service cost, which is €40, so that the electricity and water will be connected prior to their arrival. Alternatively, a resident may choose to proceed with the connection upon his/her arrival. (Applicable only for Cyprialife Residence). Such expenses are included in the rental cost for UniHalls Trinity.

› Can I have guests in the apartment?

Residents have the right to accept guests at any time of the day or night. However, the duration of stay of any guest should not exceed two weeks. Additionally, residents are responsible for any damages or problems created by their guests.

› Are pets allowed in the Housing Facilities?
No, pets are not allowed in the Housing Facilities.
› Which areas are ideal for accommodation?

Cyprus College is centrally located in one of the greenest area of Nicosia. The areas surrounding the University are:

  1. Strovolos
  2. Engomi
  3. Ayios Dometios
  4. Parissinos