Build your Skills

For professional success, soft skills are as important as the hard (or technical) skills a student develops in his or her university studies. Strong soft skills—the personal attributes that show emotional intelligence and one’s ability to interact effectively with others—have shown to be directly linked to professional success.


Skills Building Guide

The Career Center has put together a very useful handbook, The Skills Building Guide, to give students and graduates practical advice on developing the skills employers look for. Download the Skills Building Guide here.

Career Boot Camps

The Career Center offers boot camps for students to learn how to leverage their skills and experience to get career-ready, making the most of current employment trends and embracing an entrepreneurial spirit. Career boot camps give students access to employability information, tools and resources and industry experts’ advice. For more information and registration, please use the CSM link.

Social Media and the Internet

Social media has proven to be more than just a place to share your personal interests and activities. Many companies and organizations use social media sites to screen or get a closer look at a job candidate, and many companies announce job openings or career opportunities on their own social media sites. The Career Center can offer you important advice on how to make your social media profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) more employment-market suitable.

The Career Center should be your first stop for career-related advice, but it is surely not your only resource. With so much information available to us today, you want to utilize the resources that are available on the Internet productively. Internet sources about developments in your field of studies and its potential career paths are important places to start your career research. With a positive attitude and as much information as you are able to gather, getting yourself well-equipped for the job market has never been more accessible.