Exam progression rules

As of 2016 you are allowed to take a maximum of four papers per examination cycle across a maximum of 8 distinct exams over the course of a calendar year.

The exam cycles are:

  • March session: 1 Jan - 31 March
  • June session: 1 April - 30 Jun
  • September session: 1 July - 30 September
  • December session: 1 Oct - 31 December


There is no minimum number of papers you should sit in an examination sitting.

There are some guidelines regarding the ACCA examination progression rules to which you must adhere. For further information and details, please feel free to contact our Administration team.

You have unlimited time to complete papers F1-F9 while for the completion of the last five papers of the Professional level you are allowed 7 years from the date you passed your first Professional level paper  to complete your ACCA exams. In the case you have an outstanding paper you will be asked to re-sit the professional level paper you have passed 7 years ago.